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I’m Lakshay Dharan.

I am in search of light.
Light reveals – the beauty as well as the reality.
I come across shadows. And, I am hopeful of the light on the other side.
I see darkness, emptiness, and nothingness. I get more appreciative of the flashes of light. Little, but significant. Tiny, but enough.
I am in search for light.
I draw what I see, while I look for.

I am on a quest for truth.
Truth lends me the lightness of being. And, is liberating.
I come across myths masquerading. And, I am hopeful to by-pass and continue on my path to higher truth.
I see lies, deceit, and hypocrisy. I understand the complexities and compulsions. I get more appreciative of the shades of gray. Dark, but light. Light, but dark.
I am on a quest for truth.
I paint what I understand, while learning.

I am on a look out for love.
Love lets my imagination fly. And, keeps me grounded.
I meet many doubts. And, I am hopeful to overcome and keep believing.
I see hate, ego, and resentment. I want to move beyond me. I get more appreciative of my thoughts. Sweet, but mature. Passionate, but caring.
I am on a look out for love.
I make with what I have, while still searching.

I was born in Pondicherry in 1982. My father was a commercial artist, and I picked up my father’s craft pretty early. I did my graduation and post-graduation in Fine Arts, but it’s life, where I got most of my education from. After being in Advertising, and fed up with the lack of purpose, I started a communication and strategy consultancy with my partner for development sector specifically. It brought some meaning to our ideas and actions. Yet, life had other plans. I happened to visit Auroville, and it moved me instantaneously. Now, I live and work out of Auroville.

Sri Aurobindo has said, “The first and lowest use of Art is the purely aesthetic, the second is the intellectual or educative, the third and highest the spiritual.”

And, I cannot agree more with him.

I make art with Black & White. Grey becomes. I like to play with the basics to work on the complexes. I am in my element when I am working with the lines and light, shapes and spaces, forms and textures, etc. I let my art be naked, stripped off their colours. Colours have their connotations, associations and emotions. To seek the light, which consists of the whole range of colours and more, I avoid taking any coloured path. To seek the higher truth, devoid of any distractions, to see the true colours, I take the neutral path.

I work with the themes that inspires me, moves me and angers me. People, travel and nature inspires me. Poverty, pain and positivity moves me. Politics, apathy and inequalities angers me. I hope to express my feelings through my work. And, I hope it works on a spiritual level. I am an idealist, and believe art can be the catalyst for change in our times.


2004 – ‘Reflections’, Group Exhibition, AIFACS, New Delhi.

2005 – Group Exhibition, Chandigarh

2010 – Group Exhibition, Habitat, New Delhi

2010 – Group Exhibition, Bangladesh

2011 – Group Exhibition, Japan

2013 – ‘Mortal Remains’, Solo Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademy, New Delhi.